Modern Commerce Day Report

We’ve distilled the 34 sessions from Modern Commerce Day 2021 into an easy-to-read report that offers a plethora of easy-to-digest takeaways from the event. There are stories, statistics and specific examples that offer an inside scoop on what’s going on with the big players in eCommerce, what strategies are driving their success, and what challenges they’ve faced to get where they are today. Hopefully, you’ll find a quote, or two or four, that sparks your curiosity or a statistic that compels you to want to learn more about the brand.

Topics in this report are:

  • Top 5 takeaways of Modern Commerce Day
  • Make it MACH: Top 10 Transformation Tips
  • At Harry Rosen, “Yes” is the Magic Word – Case Study
  • Making the choice: Monolith or Microservices

Speakers from Audi, Vistaprint,, Danone, Express, PPG, Mars and more focus to provide valuable insights on these topics.

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