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About the Event

Hosted by commercetools, Modern Commerce Day (MCD) has evolved into the “must attend” commerce industry event.

For 2022, MCD will once again provide a virtual stage for customers of commercetools to share their journey to modern, composable commerce with business and tech leaders considering migrating off legacy tech. It’s a unique opportunity to learn directly from their peers, gain knowledge of the latest evolution of digital technology, as well as insights on the challenges and triumphs of transformation.

Regardless of whether you’ve already started migrating to microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native, headless (MACH) architecture or are just exploring the possibilities of a modern commerce future, MCD has you covered.

Expect to take away a greater understanding of:

  • Why composable commerce is the fail-proof strategy for the future
  • How business and tech teams are tackling migration & why they’re confident this replatform is their last
  • How executives from big brands gained buy-in & how they’re measuring success
  • Why MACH architecture is better able to support the customer journey and omnichannel experience you envision

Last Year’s Highlights

Take a sneak peek from Modern Commerce Day 2021

The Top 5 Reasons to watch Modern Commerce Day 2022

#1 Carrie Tharp’s Keynote

The VP of Retail and Consumer for Google Cloud will engage you. You’re certain to take away valuable knowledge from her time as a management consultant and her leadership roles at Fossil, Neiman Marcus and Google.

#2 The truth, direct from your peers

Hand-selected commercetools customers will share candid stories as they highlight the journey, trajectory, vision, stumbling blocks and victories on their journey from monolith to modern commerce.

#3 Inspiration, goosebumps & more Inspiration

Every speaker, every presentation will make an impact. The virtual conference will leave you with renewed energy and confidence — inspired to make bold moves in your business.

#4 Connect with like-minded folks

With our popular Q&A session format, you get a glimpse of who else is exploring the limitless possibilities of modern commerce and find out what’s on their minds.

#5 Prepare for the future of commerce, no matter where you are

By presenting MCD as a virtual event, business and technology leaders everywhere and anywhere can attend. So sit back, relax, and join us for what’s sure to be a lively event.

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